Beams provide a timeless and stately accent to structures and can be provided in various ways.  Beyond size, color and species, there are several things to consider.  Beams can be provided with reclaimed as well as new traditional wood species. 

Reclaimed beams are more commonly Oak, Pine, or Douglas Fir, depending on the area of the country.  Walnut and cypress can be found as beam material but not as common.  Walnut is more commonly found in the more northern regions of the country and cypress and pine in the more Southern regions.  Of course, other species may be found as reclaimed wood but not as frequently.  Reclaimed beams can be fresh cut to requested sizes, but the surface may appear as new wood since the original surface would be cut away.  It usually has more character and richer colors than new wood and possibly some interesting character marks.  It can then be stained and finished with a preferred color. 

Some prefer the “original surface” with old circle saw marks and other markings.  These types of beams are used often and give a wonderful “old world” appearance but finding the desired size can be a challenge.  Solid reclaimed or antique beams can be used as structural beams or strictly for appearance only.  Structural beams are usually horizontal and give support as they bridge an area from one wall to another. 

If the reclaimed or antique beams are not needed for structural use, a boxed beam can be used to save money as there is less board footage of wood in boxed or “wrapped beams”.  A good carpenter can miter edges and produce a boxed beam that looks exactly like a solid beam.  These beams can be provided with the original surface or newly planned depending on the look and the budget.  For a more traditional or contemporary interesting look, beam material can be constructed with a relief as shown in the walnut beams in the photo. 

Beams made with new traditional woods can be created from almost any available species; oak, pine, cypress, hickory, walnut, sassafras, poplar and other species.  Like reclaimed beams, these can be cut as solid beams with band saw like marks or artificial circle saw marks or smoothly planned surfaces.  Boxed beams can also be used with new traditional lumber to fit within a tight budget.  Solid beams can be provided when needed for structural support.   A good carpenter and a good contractor or architect can be most helpful in landing on the best beam product for the project.    

E. D. Wood Lumber Co. has provided many beams, both structural and aesthetic in reclaimed and new wood of many species.