Prefinished Floors are usually more economical than unfinished flooring as it takes more time to site finish a floor than to run flooring through a machine in mass production. 

Narrow boards are usually more reasonable than wide boards over 3 1/4”.

Inquire about any close out flooring products to see if they will fit your application.

Flooring referred to as “shorts” (12” – 18” long) are usually much more reasonable than the typical (1’ – 8’).  A room or rooms can be framed out with longer boards and then filled in with the “shorts”.  This gives a bit of a “pattered look”.

Purchasing larger quantities of flooring often allows for a lower per square foot price but only if the structure calls for larger quantities. 

Engineered floors with a lower wear layer (thickness of the surface wood) tend to be less expensive. However, floors with less than a 2mm wear layer may wear through over a few years depending on the traffic. 

Reclaimed floors can be beautiful but are usually much higher than new wood floors from young growth trees (25 years or younger).  A lower grade of some species can have enough character to give an appearance like reclaimed or antique wood.  An example would be reclaimed oak floors vs #2 Common Oak floor that has knots and other character marks.  Of course, a good installer can also add a few nail holes or other character marks. 

When ordering reclaimed wood floors, original surface material can be more expensive than newly milled reclaimed wood flooring.  If the flooring is milled out of old beams, there could be a lot of expensive handling in order to keep original markings like circle sawn marks.

Random width floors can be more reasonable than those floors that are all one width. 

Reclaimed wood flooring with its original tongue and groove tends to be more reasonable than reclaimed flooring that is newly milled out of old lumber or beams.  The fit is different with these floors but can work fine if handled by the right installer. 

Installing and refinishing your own floors can always save but much research should be done to have a floor that is both safe, durable and aesthetic. 
E. D. Woods Lumber Company seeks joy in helping customers stay within the budget.